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The Who - WOODSTOCK 1969 (Full Concert)

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Woodstock Music Festival
Bethel, New York, USA
August 17th, 1969

0:00:46 Heaven and Hell
0:04:20 I Can't Explain
0:06:46 It's A Boy
0:07:23 1921
0:09:54 Amazing Journey
0:13:13 Sparks
0:18:30 Eyesight To The Blind
0:20:30 Christmas
0:23:46 The Acid Queen
0:27:20 Pinball Wizard
0:30:16 Abbie Hoffman Incident
0:30:46 Do You Think It's Alright?
0:31:34 Fiddle About
0:32:59 There's A Doctor
0:33:09 Go To The Mirror
0:36:33 Smash The Mirror
0:37:38 I'm Free
0:40:02 Tommy's Holiday Camp
0:41:03 We're Not Gonna Take It
0:44:28 See Me, Feel Me
0:49:58 Summertime Blues
0:53:31 Shakin' All Over
0:59:43 My Generation
1:01:26 Naked Eye
1:04:38 Pete Solo

This video was made using all the audio and video sources that are available from multiple releases to create the most complete version of the show. The audio includes the entire concert with footage being used whenever available. For all the sections without footage, I've included a countdown to when the footage starts again. The only songs without any footage is Shakin' All Over and unfortunately the Abbey Hoffman Incident. The only footage not used is for Summertime Blues from the 1970 Woodstock Movie, as it gets the video blocked. So instead I've used the black and white footage for the song. All the audio and video sources played at different speeds to each other so as you can imagine, syncing everything up was a rather large task. But I'm happy with the final result.

Sources Used:
Woodstock 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (CD)
Black and White Side Stage Cam (45min)
Woodstock Diaries (1994)
The Kids Are Alright (2004)
Woodstock: Ultimate Collectors Edition (2009)


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